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Using a Calypso Cutter

The Calypso® Cheeky Cutter makes light work of cutting those sweet juicy cheeks off your Calypso® Mango.

You can pick up one of these fantastic cutters at your local green grocer, or wherever you see a Calypso Shrine near you.

Step 1

Stand the Calypso® Mango on it’s beak end, with the stem facing up. Position the Calypso® Cheeky Cutter so the seed shaped blade runs in line with the widest part of the mango. The cheeks will sit either side of the blade.



Step 2

Push down evenly on both sides of the Calypso® Cheeky Cutter.




Step 3

Cut all the way through the Calypso® Mango, being careful not to press to hard on the cutter.

Firm, gentle pressure works best.



Step 4

The Calypso® Cheeky Cutter separates the seed from the cheeks, with minimum waste and fuss, giving you maximum Calypso® goodness – yum!



Step 5

Now you’re ready to “hedgehog” or cut slices (see How to Cut a Calypso for more information).




Care Tip:

Washing your Calypso® Cheeky Cutter in hot water by hand is the best way to look after it – putting it in the dishwasher will dull the blade.