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to enjoy your Calypso® Mango experience

Calypso® Mangoes are a specific mango variety scientifically known as the B74… but Calypso® sounds so much better! Perfection Fresh owns the rights to the variety, therefore we control and manage the growing and breeding process to ensure that all Calypso® Mangoes meet our criteria for the “perfect mango”.

We’ve spent over 20 years developing the B74 variety, which is the “daughter” of a Kensington Pride and a Sensation. We’ve taken the best of both varieties and combined them into one – giving you the most visibly beautiful and delicious mango experience every time, for any occasion.

Calypso® Mangoes have specific features including:

When you bring home a Calypso® Mango, we want you to have an experience to remember. With more mango and less seed, how could you possibly go past a Calypso®!