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Calypso Regions

Calypso Mangoes are grown in several regions across Australia.

Calypso® Mango Growing Regions

Picking and packing begins in the very top end of Darwin – the season here generally runs for 5-6 weeks before we head 300 kilometres south to Katherine.

Whilst harvesting in Katherine we also start picking in Mataranka which is located a further 1 hour south of Katherine.

Towards the end of November we move across to Dimbulah & Mareeba in Northern Queensland. This region runs through Christmas and into the New Year, followed by the season in Bundaberg.

At the same time, we’re also picking and packing in Carnarvon and Kununurra, where we round out the Calypso® season, which has lasted about 18 weeks.

For a moment, we breathe a contented sigh of relief; we’ve worked hard and it’s been a good season, but it doesn’t stop here – now it’s time to start preparing for next year!