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Just how do Calypso® Mangoes get from farm to plate?

30 million Calypso® Mangoes are harvested from over 300,000 trees across more than 5,000 km over an 18 week period from October through to February each year.

We carefully breed new trees; we plant and tend the orchards; we harvest the Calypso® Mangoes when they’re mature; we grade them and monitor them for quality; we pack them and we freight them to our ripening centres across the country where they are taken ripened before being dispatched to retailers across Australia.

We have close ties with all the people involved in the process – everyone who comes into contact with a Calypso® Mango is working together to bring you the perfect mango, every time, for any occasion.

View our picture gallery to get an idea what’s involved in getting our Calypso® Mangoes from farm to you.