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Recipes: Sweets & Desserts

Classic Calypso® Pavlova

Classic Calypso Pavlova

  What you’ll need: 2-3 Calypso® Mangoes 6 egg whites 1½ cups caster sugar 3 teaspoons cornflour, sifted in to a small bowl 3 teaspoons white vinegar Pinch of salt ½ teaspoon vanilla essence 1½ tablespoons orange liqueur (optional) 300ml …

Calypso® Mango Summer Fruit Salad

  What you’ll need: 2 large Calypso® Mangoes – diced 1 cup seedless grapes 1 small punnet of strawberries (hulled and halved) ½ cup orange juice 1 tablespoon Brandy (optional) 250g mascarpone cheese 2 teaspoons honey Pulp from 2 passionfruit …

Tropical Calypso® Mango Tiramisu

Mango Trifle 0001

  What you’ll need: 4 medium Calypso® Mangoes – diced 250ml passionfruit pulp 250ml pineapple juice 500ml thickened cream 250g fresh mascarpone cheese ¼ cup icing sugar Finely grated rind of 1 fresh lime 250g sponge finger biscuits  How to …

Maple & Calypso® Mango French Toast

Maple & Calypso mango french toast

  What you’ll need: 1 Large Calypso® Mango, de-cheeked & cubed 2 super thick slices fresh white bread 100g low fat Greek natural yoghurt 2 tablespoons maple syrup 3 large eggs lightly beaten Canola oil spray How to make it: …

Maple glazed Calypso® sticks

Maple glazed Calypso Sticks

  What you’ll need: 2 large Calypso® Mangoes – cut into large cubes 2/3 cup of maple syrup 4 wooden skewers (pre soaked for a few hours to prevent burning) Yoghurt Dip: 2 cups of greek yoghurt 1 teaspoon ground …

Chunky Calypso® Mango Pancakes

Chunky Calypso Pancakes

What you’ll need: 1 Calypso® Mango cut into small chunks 1 cup self-raising flour 2 x 150g tubs vanilla or honey yoghurt 3 large eggs Spray canola oil for cooking Filling: 1 x 150g tubs fruit yoghurt 2 Calypso® Mangoes …

Calypso® Mango and Pistachio Praline Ice Cream Pudding


Ok, so it takes a little bit of effort to make, but this pudding is well worth it! It looks pretty stunning and it tastes even better.

Calypso® Mango Vacherin


This simple dessert is light, fluffy and oh so delicious... we reckon it will become your favourite after dinner treat!

Calypso® Mango Tarte Tartin with Coconut Ice cream


Caramelised mango in golden pastry and home-made coconut ice cream - what better way to finish off a meal?!